Bryan Cantwell, Principal

Bryan Cantwell has 20 years of experience, working at both a local and international scale. His work focuses on the integration public space, infrastructure, and ecological systems, with projects spanning a broad range of typologies, including urban design, public parks, waterfront development, and transportation and bicycle infrastructure.

Locally, Bryan has performed considerable work on public projects, including the Emeryville Marina and the new School for Landscape Architecture at U.C. Davis. Internationally, his work includes a new public park in Barcelona, a 55 acre on-structure landscape for sixty 30-story residential towers serving 15,000 people in Zhuhai, China, and prototype cultural centers to be used throughout Chile. Most recently, he led the design for a floating mixed-use village in a central Bangkok waterway, containing 43 housing units, 58 separate retail buildings, a museum, and a one-acre park, all built atop floating structures.

Bryan’s work has been widely recognized and published internationally, leading to estudioOCA being included in the Top‘ 5 to Watch ’by the UK Landscape Institute in 2012, and has been an invited critic to design reviews at leading universities.